Simon & Simon

Simon & Simonis the enormously popular 80's TV show about two brothers of totally disparate taste and manors who are working as private investigators. The show lasted 8 seasons (157 episodes) from 1981 - 1988 plus 1 movie shot in 1995 titled 'Simon & Simon - In trouble again'. Season 1 is now available on DVD (region 1, USA,Canada).

Jameson Parker

Jameson Parker(*8. Nov. 1947, Baltimore, Maryland) is playing Andrew Jackson Simon (A.J.), the smart, intelligent, well-behaved 'prince charming' any mother would love to have as son-in-law (God, how I love this smile). Jameson is an excellent book author and has so far released two books: 'Accidential Cowboy' and 'To Absent Friends'. More recently he had a guest part in 'JAG'.

Gerald McRaney

Gerald McRaney(*10. Aug. 1947, Collins, Mississippi) is playing the elder brother, Richard Simon (Rick), the likable 'trouble maker', a modern suburban cowboy who's living with his dog Marlowe on a boat - in A.J.'s garden. Nowadays Gerald, who's called 'Mackie' by his fans, starrs in the CBS TV show 'Jericho'.


The additional lead cast of 'Simon & Simon' includes Mary Carver (as mother Cecilia Simon), Tim Reid (as Det. 'Downtown' Brown), Eddie Barth (Myron Fowler) and Jeannie Wilson (Janet Fowler).

The story is set in San Diego, but the show was mainly shot in Los Angeles (except the pilot, which was entirely shot in Florida).

Simon & Simon was nominated for 2 Emmys.

Jameson Parker was shot by a neighbor in 1992. In his book 'Accidential Cowboy' he reviewed this attempt on his life and his life after Simon & Simon.

This site

I used to watch 'Simon & Simon' while its first run in the 1980's and in all those years I did never forget about A.J. and Rick. They were true fellows who accompanied my friends and me through teenage years and recently I found out that they are still there. So here's my personal tribute to JP and Mackie, this fanlisting, to say 'thank you for all your hard work on this great show'.